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About the Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association

The association was founded to preserve the traditions of the Hungarian Leung Ting Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

It is the aim of our association to create a safe and calm place for the students and master who would like to practice their chosen form of martial arts in peace.

The association teaches the system created by Si-Jo Leung Ting, and does not deviate from it in any way, does not combine it with other styles, does not introduce techniques alien to it. It declares itself an authentic association faithful to the Chinese traditions of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.

Although the Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association is completely independent from the Hungarian Wing Tsun Association, its leaders and members do not and will never deny that they acquired their knowledge through Dai Si-Kung Norbert Máday.

The association works as a traditional kung fu school in a hierarchic system, led by the Masters' Council, of which the head is Dai Si-Kung Róbert Török. You can read about the Dai Si-Kung here.

We would also like to add that the leader of our organization Róbert Török and the leading masters do not want to and will not give themselves new grades, will not acquire grades self-declared, they barely follow the Chinese terminology and use the official title which comes with a given grade (instructors: Si-Hing, masters: Si-Fu, masters of masters: Si-Kung, grandmaster: Si-Jo).

The leadership of the association would like to leave the "traditions" of the Hungarian Wing Tsun Association behind, including bending the rules of the association based on the will and emotional state of the leader and ruining years long hard work of individuals in case they do not agree with said leader. Instead of a dictatorship we introduce leadership by a council of experts, the Masters' Council. Obviously, a form of hierarchy is necessary for this type of organization, but not in the authoritarian form people were unfortunately used to.

The association hereby guarantees that it will create and observe a transparent system of norms, logical rules, a calm and relaxed environment and high level of professionalism.

The association has created its own grading system and uniforms. The curriculum is fully based on the Leung Ting Wing Tsun Kung Fu system.


The origins of the name of the association

In the oriental philosophy the five elements are symbols of characteristics and distinctive features. The five Taoist symbols are: fire, water, earth, wood and metal.

The curriculum of Wing Tsun Kung Fu can be divided according to these elements:

  • Fire = Siu Nim Tau
  • Water = Chum Kiu
  • Earth = Biu Jee
  • Wood = Muk Yan Chong (wooden dummy) and Luk Dim Boon Kwun (long pole)
  • Metal = Bart Cham Dao (butterfly knives)

The five elements are in a continuous constructive interaction with each other in which they foster the growth of another.

  • The water feeds the plants so the wood is created
  • Wood feeds the fire
  • The ash of the fire is good for the earth
  • In the earth ores can be found and they can be forged into metal
  • Minerals and metals enrich the water

This interaction is shown in the color of the symbols of different grades, showing that previously learned material is the basis for more advanced knowledge.

However, the five elements also have destructive and controlling effect on others, which helps each element to overcome one other

  • Fire is put out by water
  • Earth absorbs water
  • The tree grows out of the earth
  • Wood can be cut with metal
  • But metal is melt by fire

The division of the Wing Tsun curriculum is based on this destructive interaction, showing that advanced group of techniques can overcome previously learned elementary techniques.

The five elements of the Taoist philosophy thereby correspond to and are one with the system of Wing Tsun Kung Fu. That is why we have chosen "Five Elements" to be the definitive adjective of our Wing Tsun association.